SeaMonkey 1.0, IE 7.0b2p, FF

Well, looks like SeaMonkey has released version 1.0 (which would have been Mozilla Suite version 1.8). For those extremely enamoured of the Mozilla Suite, the Firefox/Thunderbird combination was a bitter pill to swallow so it should be no surprise that such people would be elated to swtch from FF/TB to SeaMonkey, but I wasn’t quite expecting this

I’ll Never Cheat On SeaMonkey Again With a Cheap Pair of Floozies.

My Dearest SeaMonkey,

I admit it. I fell for a little Firefox for a while. You must understand, my sweet little SeaMonkey, you were dressed in your dependable and practical clothing that I had grown used to, the same clothing that had attracted me so long ago when you called yourself Mozilla. I began to take you for granted, while the new slut on the block had more ‘plugins’ than the Kama Sutra had pages.

I must tell you, SeaMonkey, she meant nothing to me. I know now as I knew then that I wanted not just some little hot flash to make things prettier, I wanted a full featured application. Before I knew it, Firefox had her little wandering crackhead friend Thunderbird. They were good together, but I kept having to call one, then the other, and I knew I could not go on like that… I had grown used to one application – you, my lovely SeaMonkey – to do all that I needed. You have been all that I needed, all that I wanted in an application… and though I hope you understand I needed to explore new horizons, I beg you to be for me all that you have been for me – and to allow us to grow together, despite my disloyalty. Please take me back.


Your Humble User


I’m sorry, Firefox, but it’s over. You and your cute friend Thunderbird were fun to have a fling with, but it just wasn’t working out. It was just too complicated, and while I appreciate the cute outfits and the wild nights the three of us had together, I missed having one application that did it all.

My SeaMonkey took me back. I’m sure popular applications like yourselves will be OK, I’m sure that you’ll have nice relationships… but as users mature, they require more in one package. Maybe as you two mature, you’ll integrate into one… but having to deal with 2 applications that don’t do the work of one SeaMonkey, well… I’m sorry, and I hope you understand. You both just don’t add up to half of the application my SeaMonkey is. I just have to click too much to do the same things and keep both of you happy. I admit, I am getting older and lack the endurance to handle both of you…

We’ll always have January, 2006. Please don’t call or write, and enjoy your wild nights with the guys at the Mozilla Foundation who pimp you out more than love you.

I think this guy has been reading too many hentai dojins ;)

Also of interest, Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 7.0 for Windows XP SP2 Beta 2 Preview. To quote the article, “Overall, given Microsoft’s timeline and presumed budget for the new browser, it’s disappointing that this first beta version of IE7 feels more like a catch-up than a truly innovative new product.” Asa has a few comments on it too.

And one late-breaking announcement: Firefox is now available! They fixed a rather annoying bug in the Linux version, so I’m all happy now ^_^


One Response to “SeaMonkey 1.0, IE 7.0b2p, FF”

  1. Taran Says:

    Err… didn’t even know about Moezilla. It just felt really good to be back using an application that isn’t discombobulated. Firefox and Thunderbird are like using a schizophrenic Mozilla.

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