South Dakota: the rape-your-sister state

Did you know that the population of South Dakota is only about three-quarters of a million? Its no surprise then that they’d want to increase their population; and what a genius way their state government has devised to do it! Ban almost all abortions, including in cases of rape and incest. And while maybe some of the South Dakotans in the years to come will be a little slow, it certainly increases their chances of voting Republican! (a win-win there for the GOP).

Unfortunately, there still may be an abortion or two because of some pinko exception “to save the woman’s life” (ok, so maybe then she can have more kids later, but what if it was twins?), but it would still be illegal if it was only “a threat to a women’s health”; and speaking of threats, the five year prison sentence for a doctor violating the likely-soon-to-be-enacted law should help them figure out what to do in a borderline case.

Furthermore, to help create stable families, under South Dakota law, a “rapist would have the same rights to the child as the mother” You can really tell that South Dakota believes that all children have a right to a mother *and* a father :)

So unlike those liberal Nicaraguans who allowed a nine-year-old who was raped and got pregnant to have an abortion [update April 11, 2009: Brazil too], South Dakota would make sure that she had that baby and that it had a dad too! Praise Jesus!

P.S. The above post is sarcasm, in case it was hard to tell -_-;
Fetus fetishists disturb me greatly.

Update March 6: The governor of S.D. signed the bill into law today. Note that he referred to “unborn children”, regardless of the actual gestational age. Hey Gov. Rounds, ever see a ‘baby’ at four weeks gestation?

Four Week Old Human Embryo

(actual size ~2 inches)


9 Responses to “South Dakota: the rape-your-sister state”

  1. Christinsanity Roundup « Limulus Says:

    […] If you think that the religious leaders in Columbia are extremists and that it couldn’t happen here, think again.  The religious right will not rest until ALL abortion is illegal. […]

  2. Eniale Says:

    Wow, it’s great to see people who don’t believe something is alive just because it doesn’t look like a perfect little newborn baby. :) Having organs and a beating heart clearly doesn’t constitute being alive until you take on an obvious human shape!

    P.S. The above comment was sarcasm.

  3. Krissy Says:

    Eniale, There is a difference between being alive and being a human being with rights. Fertilized eggs are sometimes lost in a women’s menstral cycle but they are not considered a miscarriage although they have had a chance to grow and develop. Trees are alive , Ants are alive, and deer are alive ( and far more complex than a fetus at 4 weeks gestation) but being alive doesnt entitle you to rights in most political systems being a human being does and a fetus is not yet a human being just as a tadpole is not yet a frog. The fact that it has the potential to be a person and that potential is lost is very sad but we cannot make laws especially laws as invasive and complex just because they make us sad. There has to be proof that people are being hurt and far more people would be hurt by being forced to have children ( especially in cases of rape)

  4. Human Says:

    So, this abortion thing. Why is it propagated so heavily in my hood? I see another agenda in this abortion thing. If you see it as such a good thing, then don’t concentrate these killing centers in my hood. Genocide! Ain’t nothin nice about it. Abortion! Ain’t nothin nice about it!

    [ed. note: approved only because it’s not spam, but I must say that the abortion=genocide meme is old and tired; quoting Shirley Chisholm:

    To label family planning and legal abortion programs “genocide” is male rhetoric, for male ears. It falls flat to female listeners and to thoughtful male ones. Women know, and so do many men, that two or three children who are wanted, prepared for, reared amid love and stability, and educated to the limit of their ability will mean more for the future of the Black and brown races from which they come than any number of neglected, hungry, ill-housed and ill-clothed youngsters.

    What “hood” are you talking about, BTW? Sioux Falls? ;]

  5. danielle Says:

    ■98% Personal Choice (unwanted or inconvenient)
    ■1.7% Life/Health of Mother or Child
    ■.3% Rape/Incest

    Your argument is baseless…
    #’s don’t lie!
    Abortion is discrimination at its finest!

    There’s a politically correct response for ya…

    Geeeeeeeez! Selfishness taken to a whole other level… “Fetus fetishists disturb me greatly” Seriously!!! Did you ever consider the fact that (YOU 2) looked just like this at one point!!!

    • Limulus Says:


      ■ if 98% of abortions are “personal choice”, how is that “discrimination at its finest”?
      ■ oak trees grow from acorns; is killing an acorn the same as chopping down an oak tree?
      ■ on what planet does it make any sense to prohibit abortion after a woman is raped?

      Please try to formulate actual arguments rather than quoting uncited stats and basically doing the logical equivalent of flailing about.

  6. danielle Says:

    The truth needs no proof! My argument was solid… You can continue to chase rabbits if u wish— Integrity is a quality earned. Oh ya, please don’t compare humans to oak trees (as i said previously *BASELESS*) I hope one day u become aware of the truth, until then, u wont be bothered by me anymore. I knew better then to even respond to this nonsense…

  7. BlazingAngel Says:

    I think you all have the wrong idea I can understand why someone would be upset in the matter of abortions.I myself do not believe in abortions being part of moral fiber and all but seriously,People you have to think and put yourself in there shoes If it’s neglect which causes pregnancy then I agree an abortion should be declined,Although in the case of rape the woman should not have to go through the emotional trauma of having the baby let alone live with the man that raped her seeing this child and also having to look at him and seeing him in the child…. it’s sick,As far as incest goes seriously do I even have to comment you should not bring a baby into this world who already has a set back it’s not fair to the child to have to grow with a dissability due to the parents lack of judgment I think an abortion should be performed by a court order and the parents should be prosecuted if you want to perform incest go ahead but don’t get pregnant it’s not fair.sorry for my lack of knowledge when it comes to English I hope you all understand what I mean thank you for your time…

  8. luki sportowe Says:

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