Security Issues

Late Sunday night (technically early Monday ;), Ubuntu’s update mechanism informed me that there were some items that it wanted to install; I glanced them over and told Ubuntu to go ahead.

The next day (well, technically just later in the day, after the sun rose ;) I found out the story behind it; in a span of less than a day, a post on the ubuntu forums got a critical bug filed for which a patch was developed, tested and shipped.

That’s the beauty of Open Source software working at its best :)

Meanwhile, I seriously pity anyone running Windows with McAfee Antivirus who installed the 4715 data file. There is a reason that the op-ed on why running AV software in Linux is a bad idea warns “all the “virus checkers” in the world will be at best superfluous; at worst, downright harmful.

One final note: Today’s a Microsoft Patch Tuesday (aka Black Tuesday if you have to administer a Windows network ;) Let’s see how many of the 23 security flaws (including that “Highly Critical” one from 2003) are patched in IE today. I’m going to guess zero 0:)

Update: Hey, what do you know; I was right! There are still 23 security flaws in IE…

Update 3/25: But wait… I think hell might have just frozen over, because Secunia says that as of the 23rd the 2003 one is fixed and the total is now only 20!  Well, it looks like I was wrong :) Never mind that the 20 includes a new “Extremely critical” flaw; they tend to fix those fairly fast (and might even release an out-of-cycle patch for it).


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