Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1

So I was reading Asa’s Blog and it seems that there’s an alpha of FF 2.0 out; it came with all sorts of dire warnings about potential dangers to your computer, so I booted into Windows to install it (since I don’t use Linux for the ‘sense of danger and intrigue‘ ;) but actually it was a breeze to install and quite stable; I joked that “this ride wasn’t very scary, I want my money back ;)”

The reason I’m posting is that I submitted a response to a later comment in the thread, but quite often when they’re sent for moderation, they seem to get lost:

Grayson Mixon wrote: “i can’t personally think of any new features that would be popular enough to include by default”

If I was running things, I would take the following extensions and incorporate them into Firefox:

Sessionsaver; all users would benefit if Firefox could restore itself after a crash. It is basically invisible unless there is a crash, but then does its magic :) 126 K, but well worth it IMHO.

Restart Firefox; it should be a greyed out button on the bottom of the Extensions window until changes have been made, when it should become available. Then you push it and it takes care of things (this should be harmonized with the functionality of Sessionsaver to restore your browser perfectly) 19K

Colorful Tabs; grey is dull and a single color makes finding an individual tab more difficult. The small amount of color added dramatically improves the functionality of tabs. And its pretty ;) Seriously though, it would make Firefox stand out from the competition as well… 9K

Slim Extension List; slims down extension entries and arranges them alphabetically; if the latter isn’t done by default still, it should be; the former is just tidy (maybe have it so that it switches to this when there are enough entries?). 9K

Show Image; allows you to right click a broken image and try again; this was in Netscape (e.g. version 3), wasn’t it? I think it should be in Firefox; even with broadband I still hit flaky servers and it comes in handy :) Invisible unless you have a broken image. 7K

Stop-or-Reload Button; I’ve pushed for this ever since I found out about it ;) Yes, its different from what most people know and no, that’s not a bad thing in this case ;) It also looks nice. 6K

That’s enough for now; incorporate 1 big extension (126 K) and 5 small ones (50K) to improve Firefox for the 2.0 release :)

Edit: And if they get Paste and Go working again, that would be nice too; its 8K


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