Windows Users: Take Tomorrow’s Browser Challenge Today!

I use Firefox on Ubuntu Linux, but my computer came with Windows XP and I still have it installed for the sense of danger and intrigue ;) Right now I have the next generation of the three most-used web browsers for Windows installed on it:

And comparing all three, Firefox is still my favorite :) But based on what I said at the start of this post, my biases would tend to suggest that this would be the expected result ;) So I ask any readers out there who use Windows (or at any rate still have it installed ^_-) and are willing to risk their bits for the adventure of testing tomorrow's browsers today to download, install and try all three. Take the challenege! :) When you're done, post here with the browser you used before you started and which of the above three you liked the best.


One Response to “Windows Users: Take Tomorrow’s Browser Challenge Today!”

  1. Jason Miller Says:

    Firefox 3 on seems to be fastest on Windows (quite unfortunate). The only issue I have is it tears moving scrollable DOM elements, which does not happen in the most recent update on Mac. I’ve been away from GNU/Linux for a few months, but last time I used Firefox on Ubuntu it had the same rendering issue.

    A friendly tip: if you (like most) don’t like for word processing, you might want to check out Shutterborg. It’s a web-based word processor and it runs best in Firefox.

    – Jason

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