I don't like lying (and not just because I'm bad at it ;). There's something about a lie that's like an infection or a cancer; even a small one can spread and cause suffering. Not that there's anything wrong here in Saskatoon; its just an observation I thought I'd point out based on some things I've read recently.

Take Microsoft, where "there remains the whiff of a bygone culture of belittlement and aggression [… and it] can be a scary place to tell the truth" and no good deed goes unpunished. (Seriously, please take it ;) I finally deleted my Windows partition (since I was only booting into it to try out Bon Echo (Firefox 2 alpha) without touching my regular profile, Google Earth and to apply patches… I can do the former with Wine, for Google Earth there's now a Linux version (yay! =) and the third isn't a problem anymore ;) and I have to say I feel quite happy about it ^_^)

There's the war in Iraq, of course; the US military casualties are 2500 dead, 8500 seriously wounded and 10000 moderately wounded. Soon the number of dead will be greater than the total lost on 9/11. Where's Osama? Probably in the mountains of Pakistan.

I shouldn't forget about religion though ;) You find the most outrageous lies there. This little maps page sums up this sort of thing. Mind you, I'm not picking on the Mormons; there are far more dangerous groups to be part of, like the Scientologists.

What prompted me to write this post though was this article. A few years back, it was announced that there was a link between the MMR (measels, mumps and rubella) vaccine and autism. It freaked people right out.
Turns out that the doctor who published the study had serious conflicts of interest, especially in terms of financial gain if such a link were to be established. But none of that was made known to the journal that published the paper.

Meanwhile, huge numbers of people stopped getting their kids vaccinated. And so the UK is now in the early stages of a measels epidemic that has already killed a child. But it never had to happen, because it was all based on a lie.


One Response to “Lies”

  1. Cy Says:

    …a lie (intended misleading) or an untruth (sincerely thought to be the truth but actually false) as in most cases. The scientific method of observation of what is, rather than the theist process of passing on superstition unquestioned generation after generation is the enemy of lies and untruths. Sadly, there are some trained scientists who are bad guys. And some are simply stupid. They are academically gifted enough to take in data but not gifted in the ability of evaluating what is real and what is fancied.

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