The Truth About Ubuntu Dapper Drake!!!!1!!

Oh my goodness, what have we here? :)

Seems an employee of some relatively unknown Windows tips website decided to try Ubuntu Dapper and didn’t like it. Fair enough. Ubuntu isn’t for everyone who would be interested in Linux and Linux isn’t for everyone who has a computer. But the review itself is half paranoid troll and half ‘sour grapes’ :) It starts out by telling us how “This staff member of is risking a lot by telling you the truth about Ubuntu Dapper Drake” but not attaching his name to the article and also not allowing comments and “any email that’s forwarded to me concerning this article will not be replied to”. Gee, maybe he should get a new tinfoil hat while he’s at it! =D

But if I can’t comment there, I’ll comment here, since that’s what blogs are for :)

First, someone commented to him that “Ubuntu is like Firefox and, of course, Windows XP is like Internet Explorer” which makes sense because the first two are FOSS while the latter two are products of Microsoft, but apparently this is a ‘blatant lie’! I dunno, I find the comparison rather apt.

Later, he bitterly complains that you have to enter your password to set the clock. The hillarious thing is that Microsoft has adopted the very same administrator password requirement in Vista for its clock! The reason is that the clock is something that has a system-wide effect. And how often do you need to adjust the clock? Ubuntu has NTP support and so you can set it to automatically adjust the time.

Then he claims “Chances are good you will be seeing this terminal most of the time”. However my experience is that during normal usage you should never need to use the terminal. Apparently he’s upset that altering the system settings require root (administrator) privileges, but he doesn’t have enough Linux experience to know that its really not that hard to run Ubuntu as root and thus claims that it just cannot be done.

Next he claims that Microsoft’s community is so much better than Ubuntu’s community because… no one answered his particular question? Did he search to see if it had been answered before?

Then he complains about the wiki, then about speed (why do I not have these problems? XP was no faster on this same machine that I’m typing in right now) then about crashes… which he apparently didn’t have, but other people have (are we talking alpha versions of Ubuntu?) he informs us. But remember the BSOD? Enough said.

Then he gets a good jab in for all his frustrations: “Read this whole article and I feel I can just say “It’s free for a reason” and you will know what I mean.” Ooo… I am so offended! ;) Actually, IMHO, a properly setup Ubuntu installation will run better than Windows for most people and so while the cost is far FAR less than Windows, its really worth a lot more :)

Then he talks about running Windows in Ubuntu with Vmware. This is perhaps the one item for which I have some sympathy for him; running Windows apps in Linux (e.g. with Wine or paying for Cedega) is almost never as good as running them in Windows or running a native Linux version in Linux. I tried out Wine when I first migrated, but its not there yet. The best way to plan on switching is not to expect to use the same programs after you switch, but rather to use programs that do the same task. Then you’ll be happy, since there are FOSS equivalents of almost everything :)

Now, our anon anti-hero managed to screw up his Ubuntu install that he had to reinstall it… not once, mind you, but “over 20 times in the course of ONE WEEK”. Destroying Ubuntu three times a day takes *talent*! ^_- This is so atypical, he should get a gold star… if only to warn people to not do what he did. In Ubuntu you should definitely NOT be hacking the OS to bits. Install packages, uninstall packages, play with GUI config settings. But don’t go nuts editing system files or you will end up like him.

Then he gets mad at Firefox for Linux, claiming its not as good as the Windows version and madder still that Flash is only version 7 (to be fair, this is Adobe’s fault…). He also gets mad about installing Java. But if he had (oh, poor unfortunate soul) only read my Ubuntu tips page, he would have seen that its super-duper easy to install those two things in Ubuntu:

After setting up the repositories for Synaptic (and you only need to do this once!)

You mark the following packages for installation: flashplugin-nonfree, sun-java5-jre, sun-java5-fonts and sun-java5-plugin

Press Apply, confirm it and it does the rest.

What could be simpler? If its taking you an hour, maybe its your internet connection speed?

He also had a problem with floppies taking a long time to mount. Dunno why he was having this problem or why he mentioned it in the section about Firefox, but if that’s a bottleneck, maybe transfer their data to a USB thumb drive in Windows and then be done with floppies? (I think this might be good advice even if you never want to leave Windows in the first place :) Then there were sound card issues. Methinks this is why hardware that relies on proprietary drivers is a bad thing…

So, done with Ubuntu, he discusses his misadventures, quoting a forum user as saying that “it’s not possible to really tweak Ubuntu and you’d be better off using a different Linux OS (Gentoo) if you want to tweak your OS.” and thus concluding “You can not tweak Ubuntu like you can tweak Win XP and the other Windows operating systems.”

But really, Gentoo is for people who want to squeeze that last 5% performance increase out of their computers, even if it takes a huge amount of effort. It is not for the average user who just wants their OS to work out of the box.

And thus, because Ubuntu did not work for him, all of the people who claim that it works for them must be ‘liars’ who, like some devil, try to tempt you away from all things good and Microsoft. Funny though that I have set up Ubuntu on my neighbor’s computer as well as her daughter’s family computer without a hitch. Maybe I’m just hallucinating it…just like they must have imagined all the porn popups from XP malware.


6 Responses to “The Truth About Ubuntu Dapper Drake!!!!1!!”

  1. Marc Says:

    One word – FUD.

  2. Shane Says:

    i have seen and heard alot of fud about ubuntu lately…all i have to say is this.. i was a die hard m$ fan before ubuntu, if it diden’t have the M$ logo on it it wasen’t worth my time…if i can learn a new os and use it and game in it then that moron can. ^_^

    imho ubuntu is far far suppriror to microsoft……the prime reasoning for this is how many security updates do you get with ubuntu? i think i have only seen about a dozen or so sence i started with ubuntu horey.

    that guy should have his internet taken a way and a good slap on the butt.

  3. justin flavin Says:

    yeah – sounds like FUD alright.

    i’ve installed Ubuntu Dapper on 2 desktops and 2 laptops on my home network, and havent had any problems.

    i just followed to apt-get various codecs, and other packages and that was about it.

    typing this now on a compaq nx9030 laptop, ipw2200 wireless – which was detected “out of the box” by Dapper. i’ve used Linux for about 5 or 6 years now, and yes , i had to do a lot of tweaking for earlier distros – but i have to say that Dapper has been an amazing and well rounded/polished distro.

    Oh well, if he wants to stay in virus-land , then he’s welcome to it.

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  5. Brent Says:

    Nice. It sort of reminds me of Shelly The Republican, saying that Linux is only for communists, and that using it helps terrorists. After I told her that the NSA also uses Linux, because of it’s security, I’m sure she felt a bit stupid. I’m sure she also felt foolish when I revealed to her that I am very conservative, I am an advocate for open source, and I totally disagree with her, for giving truth-seeking conservatives like myself a bad name.

    Good post.

    In Soviet Russia, Yakov Smirnoff laughs at you.

    Ubuntu LTS is nice. I run a dual boot, but rarely use XP anymore. A couple of devices keep me using it, but when they break, or I finally smash them, I will probably ditch Windows altogether.

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