Desktop Linux users to Adobe: stop jerking us around!

So I’m waiting… still waiting for Adobe to get their act in gear and release Flash 9 for Linux.  They skipped 8 BTW and a lot of sites are just not working properly. And I read this article and noticed a comment by “Frank” which I felt I needed to reply to:

Frank wrote: “yea, yea…we all know you Linux people are mad at the lack of FP 8/9. Adobe hasn’t forgotten about you. They had a choice, release the player staggered for different operating systems and annoy the small subset of Linux and 64bit users or delay releasing 8/9 for the 85%+ of the market who uses Windows & Mac at the expense of hurting everyone just to make it fair for a small group.

A few points here: first, Macs are just ‘a small group’ compared to Windows (and it might even be that there are as many Linux users as Mac users) and yet they got a Flash 8 and AFAIK they got it in a timely manner.  There was no flash 8 for Linux nor will there be.    Flash 9 was released for Windows and Mac simultaneously and yet Linux users are still waiting for even an alpha to test.

Look at it this way, Adobe is ‘beta testing’ their players on the masses before releasing newer versions to you :-)


I’m starting to see why proprietary software is so hated in the Linux community.

Look at it this way: there’s a party going on and we’re not invited.  Is it because you dislike us or do you just consider us unimportant?

suggestion: if you want Adobe to release more software, buy more software and they will get the hint…you can’t expect everything for free all the time (and expect others to deliver)

Double wow…

Go to here and read how in 2003 Disney wanted to run Photoshop on Linux and ended up having to use Wine to get it running because Adobe never made a port.  So the demand is out there.  But it is apparently ‘difficult’ for Adobe to port these apps…  So is Adobe intentionally sabotaging the Linux desktop experience to steer consumers to OSs where they sell their wares?  That is the not so subtle hint I’m getting from your comment.  If that is the case, its reprehensible and will end up resulting in further animosity from Linux users which will not be quickly forgotten.

The lessons that are being learned right now will be applied in the future BTW.  When Flash 10 is released, if the Linux version is not ready when the Windows and Mac versions are, I think a campaign to boycott sites that won’t render in Linux will be in order.  And then you won’t be dealing with just angry Linux users, you can also deal with angry companies who are being targeted when they were told that the latest version would be viewable by nearly everyone.


2 Responses to “Desktop Linux users to Adobe: stop jerking us around!”

  1. BlackFlag Says:

    Bravo! I think a boycott of sites that don’t render cross-platform has been appropriate for a long while now. Remember that our BSD cousins have no flash at all unless they choose to use linux emulation.

  2. rj Says:

    A boycott on sites that are not cross-platform probably won’t go very far. A boycott on the advertisers on those sites will go a lot farther. The key to a good boycott is to pick a small number of big sites for which a boycott is effective. A boycott against advertisers on a site such as has a lot of potential. It would have to be supported by a big name in the Linux arena, though.

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