Imagine PBS on Crack…

…that’s what it was like to watch “Darwin’s Deadly Legacy” 8-)

They talked about science, religion, history, had a couple pledge drives and even specifically mentioned “viewers like you”. But this was more like what PBS would be if the Republicans had their way: an infomercial for fundamentalist christinsanity. Ann Coulter was an ‘authority’, making jokes about how evilutionists believed man was less highly evolved than porpoises because we don’t recycle or some loopy nonsense (she thought she was funny). Every strawman against evolution was trotted out, including the ‘747‘ argument. Evolution is a “purely random physical process”. Darwin’s “Deadly Legacy” was Racism (BTW, “the biblical view is that racism is wrong” just in case you might have thought otherwise), Nazism (the english translation (there’s just one?) of Mein Kampf was *wrong*; where it says “development” it should really read “evolution”! Gasp!), Communism, Columbine (they took prayer out of the schools you know) and Planned Parenthood. There was lots of stock footage of Hitler, Nazis and Concentration Camps. Halfway into the film, D. James Kennedy informs us that its as simple as “No Darwin, No Hitler” (or maybe that was a subtle play on words? Know Darwin, Know Hitler vs say something like Know Jesus, Know Peace?)

One of the best quotes was when the host described what evilutionists teach children they are: “trousered apes”. Let me repeat:


Take a moment to chuckle at the mental image :)

During the second half of the program they brought out the dim bulbs shining stars of the creation science intelligent design movement. Behe and Wells were there. Ann Coulter claimed that teachers in public schools could get fired for mentioning the “Cambrian Explosion“. No mention of pre-Cambrian fossils though ;) DJK lets us know that “Darwin’s Theory has indeed broken down” and that as per some unnamed french scientist, evolution is a “fairy tale for adults”. Then its time to bring out a bogeyman: the ACLU. Boo! ACLU. Hiss! ;) DJK tells us that not presenting ‘both sides’ in schools is BRAINWASHING.

Then in rapid sequence are a set of images that show you all of the horrors evolution has brought; things like two guys kissing and Hitler.

Wait, WTF?!? They just showed two guys kissing. Where did that come from? There’s no mention of homosexuality in this whole show but there’s a quick shot of two guys kissing. Is this supposed to be a result of ‘moral relativism’ or something? Does DJK find it both disgusting and secretly erotic? Who can say…

In conclusion, we are informed that:

– “The facts of science are on the side of those who believe in a creator.”

– “Darwin’s Legacy has been deadly indeed”

– “Evolution is a bad idea” and should be “discarded”

Oh and send in $35 for a copy of the movie (on DVD or VHS) and the companion book.

Like I said, PBS on Crack 8-)

Update: Dennis James Kennedy died on September 5, 2007.


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