The Truth About Ubuntu Dapper Drake (Part 2)

LOL! I’ve been fooled; Brent’s post was a hoax it seems! (see the comments :)

Ah well, good to know you’re still using Ubuntu and that that *was* actually a parody ^_-

(and at least I wasn’t the only one who took the bait ;)

Here’s the second in what I sadly think will become a series of posts on people who didn’t like Ubuntu but went overboard in attempting to explain why. To recap from my previous comments:

Ubuntu isn’t for everyone who would be interested in Linux and Linux isn’t for everyone who has a computer. But the review itself is half paranoid troll and half ’sour grapes’ :)

You can start by reading the article I’m replying to today: Goodbye Ubuntu!

The post starts out by saying that “My Ubuntu machine totally crashed” and then mentions that it was a hardware failure in the motherboard. But because his “brother also had a similar experience, although not nearly as severe” (and not specified), he thinks “Ubuntu has something to do with these crashes” by “over-stressing my hardware”. He dismisses the possibility of coincidence (or the same cheap hardware? ;) and says: “since you killed two computers that I know of, I must terminate you.” And yet he does not know that it was Ubuntu that did it. The really amazing thing we later learn is that it wasn’t ‘an Ubuntu computer’, it was a dual-boot computer that also booted Windows XP and he booted into XP every day for the last 15 months of trying Ubuntu! So… if he’s blaming software for his troubles, maybe it was Windows that was “over-stressing [his] hardware”? But no, it can’t be that, for the following reasons:

– he is “one of those people with official degrees and certifications”

– Microsoft makes better software, the best in fact

and you should believe him because “I like to tell the truth, and not lie about something, which I know to be wrong.” (???)

You see, he apparently actually liked Ubuntu, like “a dog that you love” but because he chooses to blame Ubuntu for the hardware failure instead of Windows or just bad hardware, he has to overcompensate to justify getting rid of it. So then he lists his pet peeves (no pun intended ;). One of the odder ones to me was:

“New users should not have to learn more than how to point and click, or especially learn how open a terminal, to use or install a simple application. Microsoft Windows is easy in every way. Wizards rock, even for experienced users.”

But you don’t need to use the Terminal to install applications and almost everything has a GUI interface these days. Compared to the Synaptic Package Manager, which makes installing “brain dead easy” as one person once put it, Installation Wizards are an annoying throwback.

He then berates the “fanboys” who point out uncomfortable facts about Windows. In pointing out how he never got a virus on Windows, he had to list all the software which is basically unnecessary in Linux: “an anti-virus, a firewall software […], an anti-spyware software […] All of this software will cost you nothing. It is all free.” But later he derides Ubuntu and FOSS in general by saying “Most free apps are free for a reason.” Does he not see the disconnect here?

Most of the rest of the post is gushing praise for Microsoft (with a terse dismissal of Apple). He even makes a comment that people who don’t like Microsoft are those “who coincidentally hate capitalism”. He pulled the commie card! Call Joe McCarthy! =D

But seriously, what lessons can we draw from his post?

I would say that if, after 15 months, you are still booting into Windows daily, Linux is likely not right for you as your primary OS. If you don’t like the ‘polish’ of Ubuntu (or other Linux distros) today, check back in half a year; its rapidly advancing and that’s what Live CDs are for :)


2 Responses to “The Truth About Ubuntu Dapper Drake (Part 2)”

  1. Brent Says:

    Dude, if you take this post of mine so seriously, perhaps you should go and read your own part one of this post again, including the responses.

    There is a huge clue in my first response coincidentally.

    (Brent writes this response from his Ubuntu computer).

  2. An Elaborate Hoax « Brent Roos Says:

    […] For those of you who were fooled into thinking that I actually think that Windows XP is better than Ubuntu, the joke is on you! In other words, it’s a hoax folks! The cat is already out of the bag, so I feel no harm in revealing this. […]

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