One last tip for Windows 98 users

I’ve been dusting off my wife’s old PII-366 laptop to test Ubuntu on it (it runs the Dapper Live CD surprisingly well; she doesn’t want me to overwrite Windows 98 though) and one issue I was having was getting a PCMCIA network card to run in both Ubuntu (it detected and used it without any trouble :) and Win98 (I had to hunt down the driver).

While I was in Win98 though I decided to make sure the system was up-to-date; the thought struck me that since Microsoft no longer supports it, maybe I could find a way to remove Internet Explorer. So I did a little search and here it is: IEradicator.

Very simple, very fast, very painless :)

[edit: after IE was removed, AVG wouldn’t start until I reinstalled shfolder.dll but then it was fine :]


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