Microsoft Meltdown

Are things really as bad in Redmond as I’m reading? Or are the reports leaking out just the tip of the iceberg and the reality (1, 2, 3) far worse?

Also, in a slightly related matter, two researchers have developed an economic model of Windows vs Linux; the gist of it is that because of their current market dominance, so long as MS gives some discounts, plays some dirty tricks and doesn’t overly discourage piracy, they’ll be able to ward off extinction, however they also predict that MS will never be able to exterminate Linux. I have some questions about their conclusions (I suspect they might not be considering some relevant factors, e.g. the developer tipping point), but considering their ideas reminded me that Microsoft wants Windows to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ stocked only with MS products.

Basically, Bill wants Windows to be the Mac OS :) That is, all the apps you’d want to use all come bundled with the OS (e.g. for web browsing Windows has Internet Explorer, OSX has Safari). Its to the point where you can’t uninstall IE in Windows. To break this aspect of Windows, something like the Open CD needs to be widely distributed; even just spreading Firefox is an excellent step as it replaces one of the key components of Windows and is an identical experience on Linux. I have heard the argument that Windows users should not get the cool FOSS toys that Linux has as that removes the incentive to switch to Linux. Not so; it undermines the specialness of Windows. If your app will run equally well in Windows or Linux, why are you paying for an OS that’s a security risk to run your software when there’s a free one easily available that will do the same? What’s really important is the Linux kernel’s better security (among other things), which is something that Windows users just do not have.

So go here and here and start spreading some FOSS around! :)


4 Responses to “Microsoft Meltdown”

  1. Pete Wright Says:

    Bear in mind that I don’t work for Microsoft. I’m the author of a number of books on Microsoft technologies, a Microsoft developer and historically a strong advocate of everything Redmond does.

    Just wanted to clear that up :)

  2. Limulus Says:

    If you didn’t like Microsoft at one point you wouldn’t have worked for them, ne? I took your article as further evidence of something seriously wrong currently happening inside the company. But I think you’re already aware of that :)

    Anyway, I should also point out your direct XGL vs Aero comparison:
    As I said before, “You’d think a company worth a quarter trillion dollars could do better.” ;)

  3. axewielderx Says:

    This article got me to reading anyway.Thx!

  4. Microsoft Meltdown II « Limulus Says:

    […] A bit of a follow-up to my previous Microsoft Meltdown post; read “Microsoft desperately wants my love — and yours“.  In a PR move, MS invited ten people who they considered “not friendly toward Microsoft” to Redmond to be awed by the glory of Bill Gates’ Empire and free Zunes.  Didn’t quite happen ;)  But the most interesting thing I got out of the article was this: […]

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