Guilty until proven innocent

When I was much younger, I saw the world in fairly black-and-white terms; police were the good guys who rounded up the bad guys and sent them to jail. In junior high school I played a prosecutor in a mock trial. I lost. It left a fairly large impression on me when I learned that the conviction rate in real life was far from 100% too. What does that say about those not convicted? That they are guilty but got off? If so, what does that say about the police and prosecution’s ability to catch and convict criminals? (Does crime indeed pay to some degree?) Or that they are innocent but were wrongfully accused? An even worse possibility. But what about those who are innocent *and* convicted? Like this man who’s spent his entire adult life in prison for a heinous crime he did not commit. This is by no means the first time this sort of thing has happened.

Today I’m blogging about the case of Maher Arar. You can read a synopsys here.

It is a sad day for Canada when post 9/11 hysteria means you can, on the flimsiest of evidence, look the other way when the US wants to ship one of your own citizens off to a third country to be tortured. Sadder still when Canadian authorities compound their actions by lying about and trying to cover up that fact after its been revealed.


One Response to “Guilty until proven innocent”

  1. zaranda Says:

    Interesting, yes. If you can find the issue of Vanity Fair with Tom Cruise, Katie and Suri on the cover — read the editor’s comments. He really climbs into Bush and mentions all you talk about.

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