Firefox 2 in Ubuntu

After my last post, I decided that enough was enough, I wanted the real deal: Mozilla Firefox. A little experimenting later and I had switched to the official version. You can read the instructions on my site (Edit: that link is for Edgy now; for Dapper, see this page and search for “Iceweasel” ;).

I then decided, that since I was getting the official version and FF 2 is due out on Tuesday anyway, I might as well use the RC 3. Here are some things I noticed:

– both official versions I tried (1.5 and 2.0) seem to be faster; probably because they’re compiled for 686 instead of 486 like the Ubuntu version was iiRC.

– fonts look a little different (even in just the official 1.5 version) on some sites like Wikipedia, but not bad and easily tweaked.

– the non-removable Go button and “Quick Find” are hateful. Fortunately, there are extensions to clear up both of these problems: No Go Buttons and Find Toolbar Tweaks

– half of my extensions are broken! :) Clearly 1.5 has been popular to write for; if you can’t live without them, you might want to hold off on upgrading until more are updated.

– tabs now have individual close buttons which will take a bit of getting used to. There is also a nifty down arrow that when clicked lists all the titles of the tabs.

– spell checking in form fields is really nice for blogging ;)

– the default theme is a bit dark for my liking; I would switch back to the 1.5 theme (though I do like the new reload button), but the particular package has an odd side-effect, it makes the toolbar wider! Hopefully a future version won’t have that issue and/or someone will introduce a lighter version of the current theme.

Overall, its quite a nice browser and I’m happy to be using it :)

Update: Nightly Tester Tools got most of my extensions working again :-)


4 Responses to “Firefox 2 in Ubuntu”

  1. sockrebel Says:

    thanks for the review! I’m looking forward to upgrading to FF2 on ubuntu.

  2. A Tiny Menu for Firefox « Limulus Says:

    […] Finally, in regards to one of my previous posts where I mentioned that I disliked the current theme in FF2, but that the FF1.5-style theme package was acting weird, I would like to point out that right now its working correctly, but I’ve actually gotten used to the FF2 theme in the meantime and rather like it now! 8-) […]

  3. Al George Says:

    Hi does Feiste Fawn have FF2

  4. Limulus Says:

    Yes indeed! As per FF2 has been in Ubuntu since Edgy.

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