Edgy Misadventures

Cool, Ubuntu Edgy is out! So last night (and just before the announcement), I was talking to a friend (let’s call him ‘Bad Luck Joe’ ;) who didn’t have internet access and I offered to take his laptop and upgrade it to Edgy from Dapper (he likes his software towards the bleeding edge ;) It sounded easy enough, but he also likes to install all sorts of other software and I think it threw a monkey wrench in the upgrade process. Either that or Edgy has some serious issues with its upgrade process (or maybe both ;). Anyway, I took notes:

gksudo “update-manager -c -d”
selected ‘new distribution’ upgrade (button)
Something like 1400 packages totalling >1GB to be downloaded
I went to bed to let it work :)

The next day I see that flashplugin-nonfree paused the installation waiting for input (license agreement acceptance) I click to agree.

x11-common configuration failed because /usr/X11R6/bin “not empty” (link to “civctp”) -> caused upgrade to fail; ran sudo nautilus and moved the file (made a ‘bin-old’ dir) ran Synaptic and reinstalled xserver-xorg-core which fixed the broken package.

reran update-manager as before

error installing samba

qt_plugins_3.3 ‘modified by you or a script’; replace? (I said yes)
acpi-support ‘modified by you or a script’; replace? (I said yes)
cupsd.conf ‘modified by you or a script’; replace? (I said yes)
gdm.conf-custom ‘modified by you or a script’; replace? (I said yes)

update failed; ran Synaptic, marked ubuntu-desktop for reinstallation
samba failed again; I tried to uninstall with Synaptic -> failed
sudo apt-get remove samba failed: ‘dangling symlink /etc/rc2.d/K09samba’
deleted it with sudo nautilus
upgrade samba with synaptic worked

reran update-manager as before
upgrade tool “authentication failed” (too much traffic to server? :) several times
tried just marking upgrades (since new ubuntu-desktop was already installed)
computer locked up preparing to replace gedit; hard boot

it booted into xubuntu! (he had xubuntu-desktop installed :)
reran update-manager; distribution upgrade didn’t work; selected upgrade packages
completed; reboot

Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition (won’t boot)
(aaarrrggghhh! OK, I’m going to reinstall this from the install CD :P)

I’ll post an update later on how that goes; hopefully a clean install with be easier ;)

Update: The clean install worked *beautifully*. Not a single problem and it went quite quickly :) I have to say that Edgy works quite nicely and doesn’t seem to be near as unstable as I had feared it might be. Also, it uses the *real* Firefox icon (and yet the program uses the ‘blue planet’ one… yet in the About window we see the real logo again). I wonder what’s going on 8-)


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