A working Edgy upgrade

While the previous upgrade failed, when I upgraded my computer it worked; here are my notes:

I backedup my home dir except for ~/.Trash and ~/.thumbnails

inserted alt.inst. disk; it asked if I wanted to run Synaptic, I said yes and it added it to the sources.list file

from Terminal: sudo update-manager -c

it Failed because of uncooperative PLF repository so I commented out any non archive.ubuntu.com entries

note that baobab was marked for removal (would later learn that its been moved into gnome-utils and so is installed by default :) ubuntu-base also gets removed (but no loss as it was a metapackage)

it said it would need to download >500 MB

it rapidly pulled ~900/~1300 needed packages off the CD, then slowly downloaded the rest; I took a nap

I came back to an error about TEG’s icon being missing (I have it in the gnome panel)so I had to manually add it back. It had paused, wanting to know if it could overwrite the NTP config (I had told it to use OpenDNS) so I said yes.

It then shortly asked if it could replace the GDM config (I said yes; autologin was then turned off, so I had to alter that later)

restart at the end and it worked! :) even giplet is still working.

The themes aren’t very pretty though. I note also that the Smokey-Red icon set has been removed :/

I would later learn that disks-admin has been removed from gnome-system-tools by the Gnome people :( There are alternatives, like pysdm, but they’re not anywhere near as good. Also, totem-mozilla is installed by default as a dependency of ubuntu-desktop and takes over, not letting me use mozilla-mplayer >:(


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