Why IE7 looks so weird

The other day I realized something that I don’t think anyone else has blogged about (if they have, please let me know in the comments :), namely why IE7 looks so weird.

Seriously, its just UGLY in Windows XP (I installed it on my wife’s XP computer in advance of the Windows Update push because IE6 simply must die ;) But then I remembered that IE6 itself was completely out of place when I was still running Windows 98; IE6 has the look-and-feel of Windows XP.

IE 5.x had the look-and-feel of the Windows 95/98/ME/2K series.

IE7 has the look-and-feel of Vista. So not only is IE7 an upgrade, its also a sales tool for Windows Vista, just as IE6 was an upgrade and also a sales tool for Windows XP!

I mean sure, IE7 is freaky looking in XP, but it should fit in well with the Vista theme and Micro$oft wants you to get ready to upgrade, ne? Of course, you can get off the MS treadmill if you want; switch to Firefox for a browser that looks like it actually belongs in your OS.


One Response to “Why IE7 looks so weird”

  1. Limulus Says:

    […] critical thing to note is the ‘look and feel’ of IE 5, 6 and 7. I blogged about this a while back; […]

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