A Tiny Menu for Firefox

I decided tonight that I was going to work on my Firefox and Ubuntu pages. Most of the work I did was playing with Firefox extensions in FF2; I discovered one that I had been hoping to find for quite a while now called Tiny Menu. Between that and a few others, you can see what I’ve done to my toolbar:

Its extremely minimalistic for Firefox, leaving lots of space for the URL bar. I balanced it out with a few icons on the left for things I occasionally use. If Mozilla wants to really shake things up for FF3, using a Tiny Menu is the way to go (vs. say the ugly way the menu in IE7 appears when you enable it :)

Speaking of Extensions in FF2, I realize now why Mozilla is releasing the versions in the order they are:, 2.0(.0.0),, then, with upgrading to and that upgrading to when it comes out. The first 2.0 release was for the early adopters and those who are just starting with Firefox (and thus have no extensions yet). lets Mozilla tweak their upgrade process to get ready for the 2.0 series while lets them fix any important newly detected bugs in the 2.0 series and get all the extensions ready after a community testing period. Sounds pretty clever if you ask me; hopefully it will result in a very smooth transition :)

Finally, in regards to one of my previous posts where I mentioned that I disliked the current theme in FF2, but that the FF1.5-style theme package was acting weird, I would like to point out that right now its working correctly, but I’ve actually gotten used to the FF2 theme in the meantime and rather like it now! 8-)


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