A Quarter Billion Firefox Downloads!

I just noticed here and then here that Firefox has now passed a quarter billion downloads. Wow! It seems that the current download rate is a little less than 1M downloads a day. A year and a half ago the BBC interviewed Bill Gates who was being rather dismissive:

Bill Gates is one of the people with Firefox on his computer, so I asked him for his opinion.”I played around with it a bit, but it’s just another browser, and IE is better,” Mr Gates told me, [ed. note: LOL! Billy is talking about IE6!] and challenged my assertion that Firefox’s ‘market share’ is growing rapidly. “So much software gets downloaded all the time, but do people actually use it?”

Yes. Yes they do :)


One Response to “A Quarter Billion Firefox Downloads!”

  1. A Half Billion Firefox Downloads! « Limulus Says:

    […] (on the order of 30% for ~150M users) An even better sign: the time it took to get to 500M from 250M (~15 months) is significantly less than from 0 to 250M (~24 months). Just a back-of-the-envelope […]

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