Sun’s Java now GPL’d!

Amazing news for Linux fans everywhere: from all accounts, Sun is actually ACTUALLY going to release Java under the GPL! Read some of the implications here (sucks to be Novell right about now) and when the link becomes active, details here. You can even watch the press conference live at 9:30 AM PT.

Update: I just watched; that was neat :)  They apparently even made the Duke logo free! The only cloud in the sky was from, of all people, IBM who apparently had wanted Sun to give the Java code to their pet project, Harmony, under an Apache license.  No pleasing some people I guess (but other than an IBM bigwig, Novell and Microsoft, I think everyone is pretty happy about this :)  One of the more interesting quotes was that more people are going to have internet access via their mobile phones than via computer; this is of course not the case in North America, but is when you consider the developing world… and Java is a core technology there.


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