Zune is Microspeak for “Poop”

While readers of this blog are aware of my… dislike… of Microsoft, today I read a review of the Zune [404 now; try here] which describes it so unflatteringly (never mind that one of the three avilable colors is brown) that I have to compare it to the CNN review that mauled ‘Freddy Got Fingered’ and hold it up as a warning to those who might be tempted by slick advertising. In terms of worst lawyer-designed media products, this is probably second only to the ‘gift-that-keeps-on-taking’ DIVX players Circuit City used to sell. Way to go Microsoft! -_-;

Update: Oh my

Update Nov. 24, 2007: I was reading an unflattering article, “Why Microsoft’s Zune is Still Failing” and the writer totally nailed the description of the original Zune: “a boxy USSR-looking device“.


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