SCO’s House of Cards Collapses Further

Watching their stock price really says it all:

They were trading around $5 a share for a while, then the judge gutted their case, dropping the price down to around $2.50 which was more-or-less stable until the gutting was upheld on appeal this week and the stock halved again to less than $1.25. I predict penny stock in not too long; from Groklaw:

What does it mean? It means SCO is toast. Wells’ order threw out most of SCO’s evidence. They were too tricky by half (as Wells put it: “In the view of the court it is almost like SCO sought to hide its case until the ninth inning in hopes of gaining an unfair advantage despite being repeatedly told to put ‘all evidence . . . on the table’”), they got caught, and now they have been punished. And so, what they face at trial is awful to contemplate, if you are a friend of SCO’s. Which I’m not.


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