Microsoft Meltdown II

A bit of a follow-up to my previous Microsoft Meltdown post; read “Microsoft desperately wants my love — and yours“. In a PR move, MS invited ten people who they considered “not friendly toward Microsoft” to Redmond to be awed by the glory of Bill Gates’ Empire and free Zunes. Didn’t quite happen ;) But the most interesting thing I got out of the article was this:

“[Microsoft] has degenerated into a series of disconnected fiefdoms that aren’t all moving in the same direction.”

That explains a lot about Microsoft’s contradictory behaviors, e.g.

– how they can at the same time preach interoperability and threaten to sue for unspecified patent violations.

– how the Zune is a vehicle to sell DRM‘d music, but Bill Gates says DRM is crap and you should just rip CDs.

– how the Firefox team got invited to Redmond to ensure it worked nicely on Vista while the IE7 team desperately tried to play catch-up.

Another quote from the article, quite amusing BTW, was this:

“Imagine working for a company that is tolerated, at best, in many social circles. Imagine being a computer science graduate, going to a class reunion, telling people you work for Microsoft, and watching your former classmates slowly back away as if you’d just told them you had a venereal disease.”

In other news, I read that Vista’s peripheral hardware support is “a mess”, beset by “small goblins”. The ‘big goblin’ however is WGA. You can read the sad tale of Rob who, after having invested the last year of his life helping to improve Vista, is rewarded by being branded a thief by Microsoft’s unfeeling algorithms and having his computer all but locked up. It gets worse, because when he went to a MS forum to find out what was going wrong, his posts were removed from the server and he was banned from not only the forums, but the Passport account he had held ‘since Passport was created’ was revoked:

I’m really frustrated by this, and I can’t believe MS is doing it. […] Am I disappointed, disgusted, frustrated and even appalled? Yes I am. MS has really done more then let me down today. They’ve embarrassed me for supporting them. They’ve lost some trust I don’t think they can ever regain. They have been evil. They have censored me. They have cut my voice off – ignored my opinions, and basically disposed of me. I won’t forget that anytime soon. Mostly I am sorry for the time and energy I have spend over the last year supporting Vista. I am heart-broken that I spent that time fruitlessly for a company that obviously doesn’t care, doesn’t get it, and could care less if I was a happy customer. I am dismayed that they cut me off without consultation. I am freaked out that they delete my posts. Best one word description for my experience with MS today: disgust.

He has a summary post up that should send a shiver down the spine of anyone who thinks that MS can be trusted; you’re allowed only where they want you to go today. Fortunately it ends in two words of hope: “Ubuntu Me.” :)


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