8 Million Ubuntu Users!

Back in October, I noticed Mark Shuttleworth said that:

One of the things we’ve noticed is that the size of our community doubles from release to release

At the time, I didn’t know that there was a news item from September that said:

Ubuntu now has 4 million users, half of which are governments, universities and a smattering of businesses. It adds new ones at a rate of 8% per month.

I notice now that SABDFL is offering updated numbers:

We know now that there are probably at least 8 million [Ubuntu] users.

Absolutely phenominal :)

Considering that there will be two Ubuntu releases in 2007, should we expect some 30+ million Ubuntu users by next new years? =D [Update April 21, 2008: Wishful thinking :)  As per this BBC article from today, Shuttleworth is estimating “eight to nine million users of Ubuntu worldwide” so either not much growth, or overestimation previously…  Interestingly: “Most of the growth in users is from people buying a device that comes with Ubuntu shipped or wanting something for a second or older computer and are looking to tech-savvy friends for guidance” which means that an OEM strategy is vitally important to the growth of Ubuntu]

Considering stories like this, and this tale with a happy ending (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) I certainly think its a possibility :)


One Response to “8 Million Ubuntu Users!”

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    […] that the reason is because the money to produce the disks for each release is fairly fixed, but the demand keeps going […]

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