A flashback to the bad old days

A friend of mine works in a small office and had to go in over the weekend to do some computer work (disk backups, etc.) I volunteered to go along to keep her company and ended up helping out by upgrading Firefox on the two computers from 1.5 to 2.0, installing some nifty extensions (e.g. PhishTank SiteChecker) and themes (but not this one ;) and installing the Really Slick Screensavers off a copy of the Open CD which I had burned as an afterthought before leaving to go there (but which turned out to be a great idea; she was quite interested in a few of the apps on there and I gladly gave her the disk so she could try them at home :).

One computer ran Windows 2000 and the other XP; we were talking about how one of her co-workers had a tendency of downloading and installing ‘free games’ and such and so I suggested some of the anti-malware apps from my old Windows page. Good thing too; one of them picked up a bunch of Active X garbage that had come in via those games or via IE at those sites. Using Windows (and having to be paranoid about security) reminded me of the bad old days before I switched to Linux.

Which reminds me; the latest version of Ubuntu, Feisty Fawn, is due out in ~9 days (and a release candidate in ~2! :).  CDs will soon be available from ShipIt and I’ll be ordering a few hundred I think :-)


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