Ubuntu: “next week you will see two big announcements, one of which will probably dominate the media”

I was reading transcripts of interviews with Mark Shuttleworth from the 24th and 25th and I noticed something very interesting in the latter:

Q: are there any plans for large scale marketing campaigns a la Firefox for Ubuntu(full page adds etc..)

A: you mean bigger than the billboards? that was a fun campaign. all in good time. first we have to crack the corporate market, and be sustainable. we are taking a very unconventional approach, but we are on good track. next week you will see two big announcements, one of which will probably dominate the media, but both are really nice steps towards sustainability for the project. our goal is to be sustainable and completely free. we are neither right now, but we are moving towards that goal very steadily

(emphasis added)

OK, now I’m all interested :)

If I had to bet, I’d say the ‘media-dominating’ one will probably be Dell selling computers preloaded with Feisty. This of course is a fairly safe bet, especially given that Michael Dell is himself using it on a laptop ;) Amusingly, this was news to SABDFL (“i was as surprised as everyone else. a good surprise, though :-)” quoted from the interview of the 24th)

If that’s the case, I’m curious to see how open these computers will be; will they use LinuxBIOS for example?

Also, what is the other announcement, that’s also important but won’t get the hype?

Time will tell…

Update:  It seems that the second thing was the announcement of an “Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition


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