Dell to offer SUSE servers (too)

I note today that Dell will be offering SUSE servers (in addition to the Red Hat ones they already sell). No, the sky is not falling :) Despite insipid comments like “By agreeing to do business with Microsoft and Novell, Dell risks becoming a pariah in the Linux community.” in a Forbes article (seriously; as if Dell’s business isn’t almost entirely based on selling Windows computers ;) its this simple:

If you don’t want to help Microsoft, don’t buy from Microsoft (e.g. computers with Windows) and don’t buy from Novell (e.g. SUSE).

The Dell Ubuntu computers should be fine; Canonical has no FUD-filled patent agreement with MS.

Update: I read the latest DistroWatch Weekly, which has a good review of the Ubuntu-Dell deal which should remind everyone of why it is a good thing (and OK to buy an Ubuntu Dell if you need a new computer :)


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