Dell Ubuntu Computers: Today @ 4PM CST!

The rumors were true! Read all about it directly from Dell here. An excerpt:

Dell will offer U.S customers three different systems with Ubuntu 7.04 installed: the XPS 410n and Dimension E520n desktops and the Inspiron E1505n notebook. These systems will be available at by 4pm CST today. Starting price for the E520n desktop and the E1505n notebook is $599; the XPS 410n starts at $899 […] My apologies, but I had included an incorrect starting price for the XPS 410n. It will be $849. Hardware support will come from Dell. Beyond that, users can turn to the Linux section of the Dell Community Forum for help and also get the latest updates from our Linux team at […] Users also have fee-based options for operating system support through Canonical, including 30-day Get Started, One-year Basic and One-year Standard.

Update 1:

It would appear that the Ubuntu systems will be $50-100 at least $50 LESS than the equivalent Windows systems :) From my comments to this article:

it looks like ALL the Ubuntu systems will all be less than their equivalent Windows ones if the E520 is the “Versatile Multimedia” one:


Windows XPS 410:$899
Ubuntu XPS 410n:$849
($50 less)

Windows Dimension E520 “Versatile Multimedia”: $679
Ubuntu Dimension E520n: $599
($80 less)


Windows Inspiron E1505: $699
Ubuntu Inspiron E1505n: $599
($100 less)

[edit: it was pointed out to me that there are two things wrong in the notebook comparison; first, the Windows computer has 2x the RAM, so that would add $50 to the Ubuntu machine to make it equivalent.  Second, the Windows machine only has an option for an ATI card, but the Ubuntu machine has a choice of only Intel or nVidia (and does that mean they use different motherboards too?), making it an apple-to-orange comparison, which is pretty much worthless in this context :]

The notebooks are not only the best deal because of the largest price discount; its a rare thing to find a laptop that’s *perfectly* supported under Linux :) […] That a direct comparison between Windows and Linux systems apparently shows a $50-100 $50 or more difference is good news.


Based on a quick look at the specs, the E520n is the same as the E520 ‘Versatile Multimedia’ version. So indeed; you can save $50-100 at least $50 by buying an Ubuntu machine instead of a Windows one! =D


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