Dell Ubuntu Dimensions w/o monitors are $140 less than Windows versions?!?

I just posted this to the Ubuntu forums:

I just discovered something very very interesting.

Load the Dell Dimension E520 (Windows) page in one tab:
It has a $679 US base price.

Then load the E520N (Ubuntu) page in another: It has a $599 US base price.

Saving $80 is great, but you can save an additional $60!

Scroll down to the monitors. Both have “17 inch E177FP Analog Flat Panel [Included in Price]” There is an option for “No Monitor” Note that for the Windows system selecting that allows you to “subtract $130” from the total. But for the Ubuntu system, the same option allows you to “subtract $190”! So:

E520 (Windows) base system without monitor: $549
E520N (Ubuntu) base system without monitor: $409

Woah! =D

So if you do that, the base Ubuntu system without a monitor is $140 or 25% cheaper!

Please tell me I’m not hallucinating and that you get the same results! :)


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