Goat Rodeo

I learned an amusing new term today: “Goat Rodeo” which, to quote this page, is “tech-speak for a screw-up involving too many factors to manage”.  Here’s where I saw it:

and then one day — all of a sudden, in the MSN head-in-the-sand world view — web sites need to be super-interactive OMG! and social networking is taking off everywhere! and people are blogging content and storing pictures and posting videos etc. etc. etc… and the execs panic, and the “better together” mandates come down requiring everyone at MSN to link everything together via — and this is the funniest part of all — PASSPORT… and you have all of these semi-technical people, and not enough brilliant architects, driving this giant process that got off the ground in the most ass-backward “get it done yesterday because we’re so far behind and BTW use passport, the most inflexible infrastructure goat rodeo in the company, to glue it all together” way.

[emphasis added]


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