Top 10 Reasons to buy Windows Vista

As seen here:

10. Catchy new marketing slogan – “Buy our software or we will sue you”
9. It is a perfect reason for upgrading your 15 month old machine.
8. Not to mention every single one of your applications.
7. The latest versions of Solitaire and Minesweeper are included at no extra charge.
6. Windows – A stolen trademark you know and love. Linux – You don’t even know how to pronounce it.
5. Think of it as XP with a new splash screen – we do.
4. We beat out Duke Nukem Forever’s release by about 6 months.
3. Exciting new service packs out soon! Think of them as added missions.
2. They haven’t had a chance to write the viruses yet. Well not many of them anyway. Relatively speaking.
1. According to accounting, we already sold you a license anyway.

Also… “Top 5 Crapware that comes pre-installed on new [Windows] PCs” as compiled by CNET:

5. Store-brand utilities (e.g. “IBM-branded volume control” software) when the OS should suffice for this
4. Trialware (“Oh yes! Fill up my hard drive with crippled software PLEASE!” ;)
3. Toolbars (for browsers)
2. ISP (sign-up offers)
1. Antivirus (“the worst form of trialware; people need antivirus protection”)

Note that all of the above junk (even the “need” for antivirus software) is eliminated if you buy computers with Linux preinstalled :)

and from the same video, the Top 5 Free (as in $) [Windows] Software:

5. SeaMonkey
4. Gaim
3. AVG Antivirus
2. ZoneAlarm
1. OpenOffice

Note that except for the two that make up for Windows’ shortcomings (ZoneAlarm to close gaping open ports and AVG to work-around security oversights), the rest are also software libre; Ubuntu comes with OpenOffice and Gaim (now “Pidgin“) preinstalled (and SeaMonkey is an easy download away, though Firefox (preinstalled) is very nice IMHO :)

So really, if you haven’t given Linux a try lately, go for it! My personal recommendation is Ubuntu, but if you want a second option, a lot of people like PCLinuxOS too.


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