“Its a Windows World” One Year Later

On June 8, 2006 an editorial was published on the APC site titled “It’s a Windows world: deal with it” that was very in-your-face about how you and everyone else was going to upgrade to Vista.  My reply today:

One year later…

“we are the Microsoft/MSN/Hotmail generation of computer users […] Windows rules now, and will rule next year too. Attack Vista all you like – it makes for amusing viewing.”

So its one year later; Dell is now selling the increasingly popular Ubuntu Linux preloaded on some of its machines. Vista‘s not doing so well. Gmail is taking off.

To be blunt, your generation is on the way out. This is nothing new, of course; nothing lasts forever. So how long before the next computer generation takes over? Three years? Five? Regardless, its coming. If you own MS stock, you might want to sell soon.

(I note, with some delicious irony BTW, that the Ubuntu logo is far more prominent on this month’s APC cover than Vista’s)


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