July XiTiMonitor Reports: Firefox Continues to Gain in Europe

Source (Google Translation) [new: official english translation]

As per XiTiMonitor, Firefox now has ~28% market share in Europe as a whole, with Germany ~38% and Slovenia the peak at ~48%. It won’t be long now before we see countries with majority Firefox usage :)

This report had a few surprises to me; first, Ireland increased its FF usage by a half since March! Second, Opera is seriously lagging behind, with only ~3.5% overall European market share. Third, as I blogged a bit about on Spread Firefox, The distribution of countries falls into two groups: those with adoption below 25% (17 nations) and those with adoption over 30% (15 nations). The median ‘~28% European market share’ thus falls in a no-man’s-land between the two where there are no countries.

If I had to guess why that might be, I would say that in the higher percentage countries (which I note are generally central-to-east-European) a tipping point has been reached (perhaps a critical mass of users was achieved?) which is now rapidly driving FF adoption and won’t end until IE becomes a minority browser (IOW, M$ has essentially lost the battle for the hearts and minds of the users of those nations). That’s my take on it anyway :)

XiTi also released another report (Google Translation) [new: official english translation] which has some charts near the bottom which further support the notion that IE7 adoption has plateaued

Bonus Links:

Wacky Windows USB Worm blocks Firefox with the message:



Read more here here here and here.

And finally, welcome to Paradise! ^_^


2 Responses to “July XiTiMonitor Reports: Firefox Continues to Gain in Europe”

  1. meninweb Says:

    Hi Limulus

    Thanks for sharing my link to the FF virus. Even when I posted this in my blog I never thought it will be helpful to hundreds and hundreds of people all around the world.


  2. XiTiMonitor Numbers for August and September « Limulus Says:

    […] what I find very curious is a comparison of the September data to the July data which shows some rather large drops, e.g. over a quarter less FF usage in Croatia over that period! […]

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