TheOpenCD Project Lead to Canonical: Fork You.

Sorry for the bad pun :)

TheOpenCD‘s Project Leader (and sole developer) has forked it to OpenDisc, as he described in a scathing review of how things were done in the past and how the bureaucracy of running the project with Canonical came to be too much to bear.

I hope things go well for future releases and that this doesn’t cause too much disruption for the Windows software included on Ubuntu disks. That VLC is now included is a wonderful improvement; I’m looking forward to distributing copies to my friends who won’t jump ship to Ubuntu ;)

Update: The original founder of TheOpenCD had some nice comments about the fork and reassurances that it won’t cause trouble for Ubuntu:

> Will this have any impact on Gutsy?  Will future releases have the
> Windows component based on OpenDisc or will Canonical attempt to
> revive it?

We will not continue active development of the OpenCD in parallel with the OpenDisc.

I appreciate Chris’ reasons for re-launching the project, the restriction involved in hosting on Canonical data centre servers can be limiting for a small project that has little technically in common with the distro (i.e. doesn’t use bzr or our build systems).

This will certainly not affect gutsy and will have little impact on future Ubuntu releases. The WinFOSS browser is based on the OpenCD code, but could be re-based from the OpenDisc if compelling features are developed there. It’s all open source :)

Contributions are welcome on the Windows side of the Live CD, both in maintaining the application collection and browser and the new and exciting Wubi installer

I wish Chris the best of luck managing the new project!


One Response to “TheOpenCD Project Lead to Canonical: Fork You.”

  1. linuxstudenti Says:

    The Italian Edition of TheOpenCD is still being developed and it is available here:


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