Something is missing…

I got some fliers in the mail today; as I was looking at the Staples (Canada) one, I realized something.  The specs for the Toshiba laptop featured on the cover mention pretty much everything *EXCEPT* for what OS it runs.  On page four, except for the prominently featured MacBook, NONE of the laptops mention what OS they run.  On the very bottom of the page is a cheapo Compaq desktop system with 512 MB RAM running Vista Home Basic and on page six there’s a 4 GB thumb drive that mentions Vista’s “ReadyBoost” but unless I missed something, those are the only mentions of Vista in the entire flier.  I note however on the top of page seven is a prominent pic that shows they’re still selling retail copies of XP Home (with free bonus thumb drives).

Not a good sign for Vista, ne?

Bonus Link: Some humour ;)

Update August 6, 2008: Oh and another Staples anecdote, as I noted on March 26, 2007 and should have copied in here long ago: “Staples has taken down their Windows Vista banner and replaced it with one for 39 cent color copies :)”


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