Turbolinux: now just another ‘loser distro’

Following the lead of SUSE, Xandros and Linspire, Turbolinux has decided to hop on the ‘Loser Distro’ bandwagon. [Update July 2, 2008: Xandros appears to have bought up all of Linspire’s assets and made the latter change their name…  So is this the end of Linspire/Freespire?  One can hope >;] [Update August 10, 2008: Xandros has killed off Linspire, but is keeping Freespire for itself to act as its own code base.] Again, Microsoft makes picking a Linux distribution that much simpler! After you eliminate the ‘Assistant Loser’ distros (Freespire and openSUSE) for their direct enabling of the LDs and rule out the niche distros, you’re pretty much left with a choice of:

Ubuntu (and siblings, e.g. Kubuntu)

Update November 13, 2007:

I note, via Groklaw’s news feed, that Freespire has a nasty EULA.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it? (Or the horse, as the case may be >;)  Contrast with Ubuntu’s short note on the back of the paper disc sleeves (which has elicited a “WOW” from someone I read it to recently :)

OpenSUSE also has an EULA, but its not as bad.  Speaking of, I note that their status is shifting from Novell’s plantation slave to Novell’s house slave.  Woo!  Don’t let the rush of freedom intoxicate you too badly ;)  I’m pleased to note also that the Boycott Novell website liked my “MSuse” pic; this is very cute:


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