2007 Predictions (how am I doing so far?)

Back in late November 2006 I made some predictions in the comments to a Scobleizer article. Let’s see how I’m doing two months before time’s up :)

within a few months after Vista is released, someone is going to find a major security vulnerability in it which will get patched on a Tuesday ;)

That one was too easy ;)

On a more serious note, based on what I’ve been reading, I’ll predict that the MS-Novell deal (at least as far as patents are concerned) is going to collapse.

Hmm… not yet and looking doubtful that this will happen before the end of the year now.

Update Jan. 2, 2008: WOAH! No *wonder* they didn’t cancel the patent deal:

During fiscal 2007, we [Novell] received $355.6 million from Microsoft related to the Microsoft agreements

That’s some serious cash! OK, yah, if the devil wants you to sell your soul, I suppose that would be the sort of amount that would make it hard to turn down ;) If I had know it was THAT much money I never would have predicted that the patent deal would end.

Just one question for Steve… for that kind of coin, how many hundreds of patents is Windows infringing?

By the end of 2007, Firefox should have 50+% market share in at least one European nation.

Finland is less than 5 points away from that. So close… we shall see.

Update Jan. 25: Not quite! Aaarrrggghhh :) XiTiMonitor now has its December numbers up and Finland still seems to be hovering around the 45% mark, as is Slovenia. Poland, Slovakia and Hungary aren’t too far behind though, each with over 40%

And finally, some politics: GWB’s popularity will reach new lows as we get further stuck in Iraq; US casualties will sail past 3000 and will probably pass 3500.

Here’s a graph of GWB’s poll numbers and another here. Nixon-esque would be a good description.

As for US casualties, I’m sad to say that not only was I right, but I underestimated the numbers: As of today, 3839 dead, 28171 wounded.


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