XiTiMonitor Numbers for August and September

(From my blog on Spread Firefox)

I note that XiTiMonitor has some new data up (English translation via Google here), for August and September.

The translation of the title reads “The use of Mozilla Firefox is stabilizing in the European countries” but a somewhat more accurate subheading adds “during the summer” with their numbers showing a plateauing of FF for Europe as a whole from June to September.

Now, what I find very curious is a comparison of the September data to the July data which shows some rather large drops, e.g. over a quarter less FF usage in Croatia over that period! However, I do note that Croatia had a drop of almost exactly the same percentage from July 2005 to September 2005, so its not without precedence and didn’t seem to change things in the long run.

What will be interesting to watch is what happens in the next few months; summer is sometimes marked by a short-term plateauing or decline in usage (speculation: people getting out (and thus away from their computers) more, but businesses needing to remain open and using IE with a higher percentage?). It may well be that the numbers bounce back by the end of the year. Something to watch, but my guess is that its not a long-term trend.

Anyway, some quick tidbits from the September numbers:
The European nation with the largest FF usage is Finland with 45.4%
The lowest is the UK with 15.5%
Globally, XiTi claims Asia and Africa have ~15% FF usage, the Americas ~20% and Europe and “Oceania” (Australia) ~30%.


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