Don’t like coffee? Take tea.

I got an e-mail that Miro is now up to version 1.0, so I decided to try it out in Gutsy. Problem: it kept crashing on startup. Turns out the issue was with Sun’s Java packages. Furthermore, when I was inspecting the copyright notice for Sun’s JRE 1.6 I had a ‘WTF? moment’:

This product is covered and controlled by U.S.
Export Control laws and may be subject to the export or
import laws in other countries. Nuclear, missile, chemical
biological weapons or nuclear maritime end uses or end
users, whether direct or indirect, are strictly prohibited.

Export or reexport to countries subject to U.S.
embargo or to entities identified on U.S. export exclusion
lists, including, but not limited to, the denied persons and
specially designated nationals lists is strictly prohibited.

Seriously bizarre; explains why it got put in multiverse thought. However, it turns out that the busy little open source beavers have been producing a software libre version of the JRE called “IcedTea“. And it works very nicely! (though you do get a warning from the diagnostic script on that page because its a beta)

So in Gutsy, instead of installing:


(as I had suggested for Feisty), install:


I’m hoping that IcedTea (or whatever it will get called eventually) ends up in Hardy by default so that we don’t have to manually install Java anymore. Also, I hope Miro winds up in Hardy too; that would be a nice reason to upgrade! :-)


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