OEMs grouse about Vista; 15% of ‘IT Pros’ plan to ditch Windows by next year

Back in July, Acer’s President groused: “The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista”. Apparently HP’s CEO is now confirming that: “[HP never saw a] Vista moment at any time over the past year”.

Meanwhile, Dell is selling Ubuntu systems. I’m thinking that Acer and HP might want to look into that ;)

I also note that a survey of “961 IT professionals” found:

* 90% “have concerns about migrating to Microsoft’s Vista operating system”
* >50% “have no plans to deploy Vista at this time”
* 44% “have considered non-Windows operating systems, such as Linux and Macintosh, to avoid the Microsoft migration”

Of that 44%…

* 9% are “already in the process of switching”
* 25% are “expecting to switch within the next year”

(So let’s do some math; 44% * (9% + 25%) = 15% will be migrating away from Windows within the next year. There’s a WOW, just not the type M$ likes to see ;)

What will they switch to?

28% Mac OS

[68% Linux]
23% Red Hat
18% SUSE
18% Ubuntu
9% other Linux

4% “were unsure”


One Response to “OEMs grouse about Vista; 15% of ‘IT Pros’ plan to ditch Windows by next year”

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