Christmas ideas

So I have to come up with Christmas ideas; things I’ve seen so far that interested me:

Power Squid (its an extension cord AND vaguely squid-like! =D)

Eyeclops (but seriously, 5 AA batteries?!?  How about an AC adapter? Especially since its already tethered by the wire that needs to plug into the TV)

How To Fossilise Your Hamster (neat sounding book of experiments)

And then there’s the gOS PC (see Zareason or New Egg).  Its only $199 US. Here’s one of the first systems that shows how nasty the Microsoft tax on the price of low-end computers is.  Wal-Mart also carries them (not giving them a free link because they’re a troublemaker company like Microsoft is ;) and wants to ‘upsell’ you to the same PC with double the RAM (which I figure is not more than ~$20 extra) and Vista Home Basic for a total of $278.  So ~$60 of that is Windows: >20%!

What I think I really want though is the motherboard from it, which sells with the processor for a mere $60; then instead of the default components, I can modify the system as I please and do things like add a HD that’s cheaper per GB, a DVD-RW drive and of course run Ubuntu by default ;)


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