Two movies

[1] This Friday I happened to glance at a newspaper and learned about a book series that I didn’t know about called His Dark Materials written by a British atheist whom I didn’t know about, Phillip Pullman. The first book of the trilogy was made into a movie which will be released next week: The Golden Compass.

And oh my goodness; the fundies and right-wing catholics are practically apoplectic. Talk of Boycotts, Bans, Burnings… I’m guessing if their reaction is this insane, its going to be popular ;)

[2] Ben Stein, from what I gather, is not really fond of atheists. Less than a week after 9/11, he said: “What do you do with such atheistic evil?” Gee, I dunno Ben… if only the hijackers some RELIGION, huh? (Grrr…) Anyway, he made a little movie about how people who believe in God in the US are being PERSECUTED by those mean Darwinists! See there’s this new science called Intelligent Design and Evolution was a great idea… in the 19th Century; its probably on its way out. Why stifle free speech? Why not teach both? Why not teach the controversy?

Whoops! Wrong pic ;)


Hey, did you also notice that Ben Stein’s initials are “BS”? ;-)

Update: Oh my, I almost forgot; Saturday was Evolution Day! The Origin of Species was first published 148 years ago.  Maybe Ben should actually read it ;P


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