The Death of Cable Television is Coming…

The internet is a amazingly disruptive technology; this is a good thing :)

Today I got a brief glimpse into the future and it was a real eye-opener.  I read this article which talked about Miro and how it will eventually replace the proprietary behemoths that are the cable companies.  I nodded my head in agreement, but then I saw this comment and I had a ‘WOAH!’ moment: with a couple extremely simple steps, Miro can absorb the entire content of a torrent site that carries just about every current TV show in existence.  Imagine ‘The Pirate Bay TV‘ kind of thing.  The infrastructure for completely replacing cable TV exists NOW.  It is just a question of how to transition content producers away from cable onto the internet; that’s the hard part :)  For independent producers though, its an amazing opportunity to be heard.

Miro represents an extremely consumer-friendly platform; no nasty DRM, no stinky proprietary nonsense and bittorrent inverts the download speed problem (downloading from regular servers slows down as more people try to access the file; with bittorrent, the more people download the file, the faster it goes).

I hope that as Miro continues to mature, that it becomes an integral part of Ubuntu, just as Firefox is.


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