XiTiMonitor Browser Data: Microsoft has effectively lost control of Australia and half of Europe

XiTi Monitor has numbers up for Nov. and Dec. 2007: in french; google’s translation (official translation due soon here)

Following up from my last post about XiTiMonitor, the previous drop in FF usage was indeed just temporary; Firefox usage is up again to record levels Europe-wide (and by by accounting, December’s numbers set records in half of the countries surveyed)

XiTiMonitor confirms the problem Microsoft has with getting its user base moved to the most recent version of IE; about 19/20 FF users are on FF2 while only about 9/20 IE users are on IE7. They also show (in Europe) how IE/FF forms the vast majority of browsers, backing up the W3Schools data: IE (66.1%) +FF (28.0%) =94.1% of market share. Add Opera’s 3.3% and that’s 97.4% Add Safari (2.0%) and you have 99.4% Netscape rounds out the top five with 0.5%; these represent ~99.9% of the market. Doing the math based on these previous two points and assuming that, like the W3Schools data, about 1/40 IE users use IE5:

IE6: IE 6 and below (66% * 54% = ~36.5%) – est. ~1.5% IE5 = ~35%
IE7: 66% * 46% = ~30%
FF2: 28% * 93% = ~26%
Opera: 3~3.5%
Older FF: ~2%
Safari: ~2%
IE 5: 66% / 40 = ~1.5%
Netscape: ~0.5% (that won’t go up BTW)

What’s interesting, from a developer’s POV, is that the top three browsers (IE6 and 7 being different enough that they can be considered separate) are pretty close to one another in terms of market share; because IE6 will only shrink and FF2 is growing faster than IE7, European developers MUST make their sites work for Firefox. In fact, devs who want to get a site up quickly need only test it in IE6, IE7 and FF2 to ensure proper rendering to at least 90% of Europeans. Adding Opera and Safari/Konqueror will bring that up to around 99%.

Effectively, Microsoft has lost control of any nation with FF usage of ~30% or greater (where it ties or beats IE7). These are prime candidates for big Linux pushes :) Contrast with a nation like the UK where only 17.2% use FF; nearly 4-in-5 still use IE and so not all devs there will test against FF. A note to OEMs thinking about preloading Linux in Europe; start here:
FF% Country

31.9 Austria
31.5 Croatia
37.2 Czech Rep.
37.3 Estonia
45.4 Finland
34.2 Germany
35.2 Greece
40.3 Hungary
29.6 Ireland
32.9 Latvia
42.4 Poland
32.9 Romania
41.2 Slovakia
44.6 Slovenia

There is a noticeable break (nearly 4%) in the XiTi Monitor list between these high FF% European nations (with Ireland at the low end just shy of 30%) and the low FF% European nations (with Sweden at the high end at 26%).

Globally, XiTi indicates that Australia at 31.1% has slipped out of Microsoft’s stranglehold. The rest of the world will take some time still.


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