Wine to reach version 1.0 by summer? :)

I note (via Issue 341 of the Wine Weekly Newsletter) that there are currently about 100 bugs blocking Wine 1.0 and that, maybe just maybe, they might get resolved by the summer…

Considering that the project was in alpha for twelve years (1993-2005), three in beta wouldn’t be so bad ;)

When Wine finally does reach 1.0 status, I really hope that there is a push for companies to release Windows software that’s also been tested against it. Open source stuff is easily ported, but the in-demand proprietary programs (e.g. games, Photoshop, etc.) bolster the Windows monopoly. If a generic Windows app can be run just as easily on OS X or Linux as Windows at little to no additional cost to the company, why *wouldn’t* they want those additional potential buyers? :)

Update March 21: Indeed, it looks like June! :-)


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