New OEM Linux computers coming soon

A partial update to my Christmas Computers post, there are two new OEM Linux computers coming out:

– Shuttle’s $200 KPC which will (unusually) run the GNOME-based Foresight distro by default.

– And quite importantly, HP is coming out with a $500 UMPC to rival the Eee PC.

(Vista will be available on a $650 version; I’m going to guess ~$50 for the OEM cost of Windows and $100 for lots more RAM and a faster processor… so not only do you pay a Microsoft Tax, but you also pay a Vista Hardware Requirement Fee to get the same (hopefully!) level of responsiveness from your machine. Why they didn’t just go with XP while they still can is beyond me)

What fills me with hope is that HP is currently the largest OEM vendor AFAIK. Look to see Linux expand rapidly this year! :)


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