Still Using IE6? Take the browser-a-day challenge!

I was musing in Ubuntu’s Bug #1 that:

if [Windows users] are going to use IE, make sure to push hard that they’re not using IE6! :) If you need to, direct them here (a bit old, but its still pretty much the same IE6 and just plain SCARY!) Right now you can get Windows (XP/Vista) users to try:

IE8 beta

FF3 beta

Safari 3 beta [Update March 20: Safari 3.1, a stable version, was released on the 18th]

Opera 9
Opera 9.5 beta

Lots of choices; I’m sure one of those would do and chances are they’ll pick something that’s not IE. Maybe do a ‘browser-a-day challenge’ with all of them ;)

Update April 24: An article titled “The Next Browser War” has an overview of the choices that are available.


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