The death of the gPC is greatly exaggerated

On ITWire, Stan Beer writes:

“as far as in-store sales at Wal-Mart are concerned, the Everex gPC has turned out to be a monumental flop”

To which I commented:

Interestingly, the gOS people aren’t concerned by that; as per

GOS PCs in general have done really well. The in-store sales were less than 10% of the total sales of the PC anyway. [Wal-Mart dropping the gPC from stores] sounds like a big story but it’s not that big a story. Right off the bat we were telling people what we were doing was creating a concept. We knew we were targeting a tech-savvy crowd. The customers Wal-Mart has in the stores are our ultimate vision. We learned a lot, but we felt it was only a soft launch. All the GOS products have done well online. The crowd we focus on, our niche, is the people who are online, who read news about technology. They know exactly what they’re buying. Online return rates are also low, so our products have done pretty well.

Wal-Mart apparently is now selling the “gPC2” online, which Everex mentions on their homepage (, at the same $199 US pricepoint:

(or see NewEgg)


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