Testing Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

[an e-mail I sent to my local LUG]

I had been toying with Hardy in VirtualBox and playing with the Live CDs; after Alpha 6 was released I decided to take the plunge and install it to my HD (after backing up may data, of course! :).  In the graphical installer there was a nice option to let me wipe out my / partition while leaving my /home partition intact.  It started up with all my files just where I left them (more convenient than a fully clean install).

The “Simple Compizconfig settings manager” (package: “simple-ccsm”) makes setting up Compiz a breeze.  Nitpicky stuff can still be done in “Compiz configuration settings manager” (a dependency) aka Advanced Desktop effects.  I’m thinking that I might actually use multiple workspaces now…  Window List only shows the apps on a single workspace, but Window Selector shows them all; I’m using both of those.  Ring switcher (via simple-ccsm) is neat for alt-tabbing.

I was playing around with the “Screen Resolution” settings and changed it to something that resulted in a black screen (oops!) so couldn’t restore it…  I tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg from the failsafe terminal… but that only seems to make changes for the mouse and keyboard! 8-)  Turns out they’ve shifted the video settings to ~/.gnome2/monitors.xml  Removing that file reverted the settings to the default, getting me back to GUI-goodness ;)

Firefox 3 is neat, even if most of my extensions aren’t working (yet… its just a matter of time).

Some new programs in the repositories; I like the games pipewalker (though the Ubuntu package has a bug that it doesn’t show up in the GNOME menu; installing the Debian package fixes that) and lightyears.


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