If the majority of people were right, we’d be living in paradise.

Reading an interview with the author of the graphic novel Persepolis (now also a movie), I was stuck by this comment:

Satrapi was a sceptic from the off. “If the majority of people were right, we’d be living in paradise. But we are not living in paradise, we are living in hell. What does it mean? That means the majority of people are wrong. So I never believed what people told me.”

(emphasis added)

And it reminded me of thoughts I had years ago, after I moved from NYC to Saskatoon, of the nagging sense on waking up one day to realize that almost everyone around you was insane…  Properly the term is “deluded” but you get the idea; I think it wasn’t long after I woke up one Sunday morning and looked at the TV listings and thought that “Benny Hinn” was just a typo for “Benny Hill” and watching a bit.  Specifically, that almost everyone believes in God.

The other day two Mormon “elders” (both almost certainly younger than me :) came to visit and I let them in; we talked and they really really wanted me to pray with them.  But I tried to explain that I’ve never prayed before and I worry that I would just be talking to myself, letting me believe what I wanted to believe

I gave them a few points to chew on; regarding good and evil and the soul I mentioned Phineas Gage and brain tumors, regarding healing prayer I asked why God doesn’t heal amputees, and I specifically mentioned the multitude of religions, each of which says they are right; but I couldn’t convince them either (of couse ;).

My daughter, age 3, was at the table too, eating macaroni.  I wanted her to see other cultures and learn about religions, but I want her to do it with a critical eye and not on faith: “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”

Maybe, someday, the majority of people can be right…


2 Responses to “If the majority of people were right, we’d be living in paradise.”

  1. Christian Prophet Says:

    As a Christian, I agree earth life is hell for most, but I also know heaven is available right now for those who wish to release all pain, fear, guilt, anger, and grievances.

    Incidently my favorite LDS blog is:

  2. Reckless and incompetent expounders « Limulus Says:

    […] Limulus Eclectic Musings from an Eccentric Person :) « If the majority of people were right, we’d be living in paradise. […]

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